Build Your Quote Calculator

  1. To create a Quote Calculator, log in and head over to Calculators.
  2. Select the 'New Calculator' button. You will be taken to the New Calculator page.
  3. Enter a Name and Description for you Quote Calculator. These will both appear on the Quote Calculator, on your website.
  4. Add the tools that you would like, using the buttons at the bottom of the page. Tools
    • Slider - This field allows your customer to enter a number between a range.
    • Radio Button - This is the label for you Radio Button group.
    • Radio Answer - Add as many Answers to the Radio Button group as you'd like.
    • Check Box - A on/off item for one off, binary selections.
    • Text Box - Add a text field for your customers to enter more information you need.
    • Tool Text - Enter the text you'd like to appear as part of the tool.
    • Min - Only applicable to Sliders. The minimum number that the slider can be.
    • Max - Only applicable to Sliders. The maximum number that the slider can be.
    • Value - The value of the tool. When a Check Box or Radio Button is selected, this is the value added/removed from the total. For Sliders, one step on the Slider will be worth this value.
    You can see your calculator being built in real-time as you add/update Tools, on the 'your calculator' section.
  5. You can select the Red button on the right of each tool to remove the row.
  6. Select the 'Save' button to save your Quote Calculator. You will be taken to the Calculators page.